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Pennies for Pay Must End

Recently, the Green Bay Press Gazette featured an article that reviewed the ongoing debate over the use of subminimum wages for people with disabilities. The publication found over 10,000 Wisconsin citizens with disabilities earn less than minimum wage, ranging as low as 2 cents per hour. The article also reviews a local sheltered workshop where 96% [...]

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On Simulated Communities for People with Disabilities: From Agency Businesses to Gated Disability Neighborhoods

Ah, vacation. I am sitting on a porch in a house in the Great Smoky Mountains, altitude about 4,000 feet, in just about near-perfect weather. My family and friends have enjoyed great food, good company, music, hiking and other pleasures. It makes me consider the nature and value of community. In the disability field, we [...]

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Employment First: A Promising Hope, but at Risk of Being Watered Down

Last month, I had the privilege of speaking at two statewide disability employment conferences, one in New York and one in Minnesota. These events focused on "Employment First." This concept refers to having employment be the primary expected goal for working-age adults with disabilities in government-funded day services, and for those services to support that [...]

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Thoughts on Employment First: Don’t Water it Down!

Employment First refers to a relatively new movement to change public policy for individuals with disabilities who receive publicly funded day services. Employment First begins as an effort to change the expectations people have about the ability of people with disabilities to work – in policy, in practice, and in person. It refers to having [...]

Restrict Choice? You Bet!

Numerous recent comments sent to the US Administration on Developmental Disabilities from the "Voice of the Retarded" have centered on maintaining a range of choice as the main argument against the desegregation of institutions into the community. See (http://www.envision2010.net/others.php) Institutional and sheltered work advocates have long relied on the "choice" argument to support their views. [...]

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Illinois Nursing Home Residents with Disabilities File Suit

Five individuals with physical disabilities living in nursing homes have sued Illinois state officials for unnecessary institutionalization as discrimination under the ADA. The lawsuit seeks an order permitting people with disabilities in Cook County, IL, to access services in their own homes or in community-based settings rather than nursing homes. The class-action lawsuit charges that [...]

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On the Road in Iowa and Kansas

My apologies to my readers for the gap in posting. Since the release of my book, Raymond's Room, and with the end of the fiscal year, I have been very busy. Right now I am in Kansas, having just arrived from Iowa, where I presented at a statewide Case Management Conference.I spoke to numerous Iowa [...]

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The Fallacy of the “Choice Argument”: Most People in Sheltered Workshops Want a Job

Despite numerouse national and state policies promoting integrated employment, 76% of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities are served in facility-based, segregated programs - usually work activity centers or sheltered workshops. Whenever advocates talk about closing a sheltered workshop so the people there can get real jobs, the argument of choice is raised. "But this [...]

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Employability is a Given, Not Line to Cross

During a recent training course about supported employment I gave, I found myself in a debate with a manager of an agency over whether people with disabilities should be "presumed employable." I was most discouraged by this professional's statement that the "overwhelming majority of these consumers are not employable." To me, that is the single [...]

The Fallacy of Low Productivity: Why People with Disabilities Are Relegated to Segregated Facilities at Low Wages

In a recent class I was facilitating, I again ran into the argument from someone that people with disabilities need sheltered workshops because they are not productive enough to be in the business world. Aside from the moral issue of segregating a whole class of people, let us address this stereotype of non-productiveness.There is no [...]

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35 Year Anniversary of the Lawsuit that Helped Close Willowbrook

This month marks 35 years since the filing of a lawsuit against the infamous Staten Island, NY, institution for people with disabilities, the Willowbrook State School. This action paved the way for ending decades of horrid institutionalized conditions for people with developmental disabilities throughout the United States. How far have we come since then?In my [...]

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Update to the Subminimum Wage Issue

Here is an interesting development concerning the sub-minimum wage issue (see my previous post). Six states enacted measures last year to raise the minimum wage. Two of the six – Ohio and Missouri – included exemptions for workers with disabilities from the minimum wage provisions. The other four – Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Montana – [...]

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Sub-Minimum Wages: A Disability Oxymoron

Arizona state legislators recently held a hearing to review the state's new minimum-wage law, which provides $6.75 an hour and does not exempt workers with disabilities from minimum wage. The hearing was packed, with advocates for both sides of the issue. In the US, certain workers, including those with disabilities, can be paid less than [...]

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We Are Failing Students with Disabilities in Transition from School to Work

The future of changing disability segregation is with young people.One of the most serious concerns I have about the continued segregation of people with disabilities is based on the lack of progress we have made with young adults with severe disabilities leaving school. Far too many "transition plans" still simply recommend sheltered workshops or other [...]

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More Evidence of the Ills of the Disability System

One of the things I talk about in Raymond's Room is how some agencies in the disability industrial complex have lost touch with their mission. This recently came to light again in Minnesota. An AP article from January 21 wrote about the Star Tribune's investigation of Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI). MDI plans to layoff 250-300 [...]

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It takes a community…

Hi everyone. Wow- writing and releasing Raymond's Room has been an amazing journey. There is already a lot of information on the web site about who I am and what this book is all about - so I won't explain all that here. What I would like to share in this blog is how this [...]

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