Archives February 2013

Learning to Respect People’s Dreams

“Really, an astronaut?” Sometimes dream jobs expressed by job seekers with disabilities, especially those entering the employment arena for the first time, can be challenging for professionals to hear. But an element of good career planning includes the ability to be open to possibilities and what they might mean, even those that seem obviously “unrealistic.”

As I explain in this brief video, when people reveal personal information, it always can teach us something. Dreams, however seemingly unreachable, must be treated with respect. This doesn’t require us to accept a mission of pursuing every lofty goal a job seeker has. We cannot promise to make someone an astronaut. But helping people to approach their dreams is always possible. And learning what we can from their desires can help guide us in their job search. Watch the 2-minute video to get an idea. 

This clip is from “Let’s Get Everyone to Work,” sponsored by the 
Florida Developmental Disabilities Council and produced by Diane Wilkins and Camry Greenwood.