Learning to Respect People’s Dreams

"Really, an astronaut?" Sometimes dream jobs expressed by job seekers with disabilities, especially those entering the employment arena for the first time, can be challenging for professionals to hear. But an element of good career planning includes the ability to be open to possibilities and what they might mean, even those that seem [...]

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Token Inclusion: A Dangerous Perversion

The concept of diversity as it is applied to including people with disabilities in common community settings is well-understood and embraced by most people in principle. After all, no one wants to be seen as "anti-disability," and diversity is a highly valued buzz word these days. So, as a concept, inclusion is a nice, progressive [...]

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A Message from the Future

Hello friends, my name is Tramus. I have hijacked Dale's blog to give you a message. I am from the future, the year 2050. If you read Dale's blog, you must be what you used to call, a "disability service provider." You probably have a building where people come to learn or work. Or a [...]

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35 Year Anniversary of the Lawsuit that Helped Close Willowbrook

This month marks 35 years since the filing of a lawsuit against the infamous Staten Island, NY, institution for people with disabilities, the Willowbrook State School. This action paved the way for ending decades of horrid institutionalized conditions for people with developmental disabilities throughout the United States. How far have we come since then?In my [...]

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More Evidence of the Ills of the Disability System

One of the things I talk about in Raymond's Room is how some agencies in the disability industrial complex have lost touch with their mission. This recently came to light again in Minnesota. An AP article from January 21 wrote about the Star Tribune's investigation of Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI). MDI plans to layoff 250-300 [...]

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It takes a community…

Hi everyone. Wow- writing and releasing Raymond's Room has been an amazing journey. There is already a lot of information on the web site about who I am and what this book is all about - so I won't explain all that here. What I would like to share in this blog is how this [...]

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