Supported Employment and Post-Secondary Transition Project Search National Conference Florida
Supported Employment and Post-Secondary Transition National IPSE Conference Florida
An Employment First Culture for People with Disabilities MI Employment State Conference Keynote Michigan
Imagination Needs Courageous Innovation APSE National Conference Keynote Florida
School to Work Transition and Employment Transition Conference Keynote Illinois
Employment Inclusion National Conference Keynote Oslo, Norway
Ending Segregation of People with Disabilities Provincial Alberta

Employment First Keynotes Statewide Conferences
Emerging Trends South Carolina
Employment Network Conference Keynote Ontario
New Day Conference Keynote California
Reinventing Quality Conference Keynote Maryland
Annual Southwest Conference on Disability Keynote New Mexico
Annual Northeast Conference on Disability Keynote Pennsylvania
Employment Conference Massachussetts
Employment First Summit  Keynote Kansas
Employment First Provincial Training British Columbia
Nat. Conf.: Conversion to Integrated Employment Keynote Vermont
Nat. Assoc. of DD Councils Keynote New Mexico
Supported Life Institute Keynote California
Transition Conference Keynote South Dakota
Developmental Disabilities State Conference Keynote Indiana
Developmental Disabilities Lecture Series New Jersey
Statewide MEGA Conference Keynote Wyoming
Statewide Partnerships Conference Idaho
Youth Leadership Conference Keynote Montana
Dev. Disabilities Conference Keynote Alabama
APSE National Conference Keynote Kentucky
Employment First Keynote Massachusetts
Full Lives State Conference Keynote Alaska
Employment First Conference Washington
NACDD National Conference Keynote California
Self Advocacy Conference Keynote Illinois
Protection/Advocacy State Conf. Keynote Indiana
Florida APSE Conference Keynote Florida
Case Management Conference Keynote Iowa
Kansas Disability Caucus Kansas
Supported Employment EUSE Conf. Spain
Marketing and Job Development ARF Indiana
Employing People with MI Conf. Keynote Michigan