• We hold you in very high regard and your encouragement means heaps to us all.
    Martin Wren, CEO, NOVA Employment, Australia
  • I appreciate you taking time away from your busy schedule to come and speak to Partners in Policymaking. My son is six years old. I had always thought the problem was the schools and never really realized it was society’s. Thank you for helping me to see a broader picture. I wish there was time to listen to more of your personal experiences and all that you’ve encountered. Susan Johnson, Parent
  • Your expertise in the mental health field serves a great purpose. I’m grateful to have heard you speak.
    Thank You, Larry Torrence 
  • Your efforts will have a lasting effect on the lives of people with disabilities.
    Nila Benito, Florida Blue Ribbon Task Force on Inclusive Community Living
  • Once again, you presentations were outstanding, overwhelmingly popoular and extremely helpful.
    Lynne Hernandez, NAMI
  • You are a breath of fresh air. Thanks for helping enthuse our board, staff and guests.
    Suzanne Hutcheson, CEO, Helping People Succeed, Inc. 
  • Dale was tremendous! What a wealth of information – all useful and relevant!
  • Can’t say enough wonderful things. Increibly motiving, vibrant, and his love of the people we work with was well known.
  • Very very knowedledgeable and a great presenter; his motivation and enthusiasm held our attention.
  • Awesome. Provides knowledge with energy, character, inspiration and wisdom.