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What is Easy Read?

Individuals with disabilities have the right to self-determination.
A key part of self-determination is to control one’s life and to make good choices.

This includes having good information about their interests and concerns.

This means that some documents need to be more easily understood.
Changing documents so they can be more readable is called Easy Read.

The items below are new Easy Read documents by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council.

We invite you to tell us if they are OK or if you have any suggestions.


  1. Click on a document below, review it, and then send us your feedback using the form at right.

    • If you like it as it is, click on ACCEPT in the form.

    • If you like it and just want a change to make it better, click on ACCEPT with CHANGE.

    • If you want us to change it and then review it again, click on REVISE.

      *** The pictures in these documents are not the final ones. They will be clearer when we make the document.

Please review the document(s) below for this period…


    Researching Provider Solutions

    Researching Provider Solutions Survey

    Researching Provider Solutions

    Self Advocacy 23 Conference Eval

    Self Advocacy Pretest

    Self Advocacy 23 Conference PreTest

    Self Advocacy Posttest

    Self Advocacy 23 Conference Posttest


    Social Validity Surveys

    Legislative Platform 2022 Plain Text

    2022 FDDC Annual Report

    Legislative Platform 2022 Easy Read

    The Need for Behavior Therapists in Florida

    Legislative Platform 2022-3 Easy Read

    Legislative Platform 2023 Easy Read

    Legislative Platform 2022 Plain Text

    Legislative Platform 2023 Plain Text

    Level 1

    Legislative Platform 2022 Easy Read

    Legislative Platform 2022